Alexa Phelece

Model | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist

Welcome Friends!

I’m Alexa! You may have heard about me on the show Celebrity Undercover Boss, the cover of Fab-U-Plus Magazine, or the community service events I host with Every Body Deserves Love Inc. in Orange County, California. Whatever journey you may be on, I am so glad it led you here.

A few years ago I started an Instagram account to try to create a safe and radically inclusive space on social media after I found myself in the middle of a huge break through in the fashion industry. Fashion has never been more inclusive than it is today and I am proud to be a part of that inclusive movement.  My goal is continue removing the barriers we set for ourselves as women and mothers to continue to express our hearts our truest identity. This journey became real for me once I started my own conscious journey to healing and self-love. If you’re here it’s because you are also committed to supporting yourself and living by this undeniable truth: every body is deserving of love – even YOU!

For years, I felt as though I wasn’t worthy of this self-love, confidence, and energetic independence. I was stuck living a life that was aimed to please others and not myself. If all humans are created equal, why do we focus so much on our visible differences? I had asked myself, why do my differences make me feel rejected and unlovable? It has taken me some time to reflect and heal on these limiting beliefs I had set for myself. I have been working hard building my understanding of this and coming up with ways to support representation and visibility in the media and fashion industry. This includes removing the stereotypes around mental health needs for men, women, children, and everybody in-between. The more I see women like me succeed, the more empowered I am to create opportunities for myself and others to shine like the stars we are!

After walking in my first show for LA Fashion week in 2018, my fashion career quickly took off with over 35 shows, fittings, photoshoots, TV appearances and social media advertisements.

Modeling was not always my dream but deep down I’ve always known I was special. The truth is we are all special. There is a unique spirit inside all of us and it should be our life mission to express the unique energetic imprint with the world. Outside of fashion, I have a major passion for serving others and specifically children. I went to college for human services and quickly founded my own charity called Every Body Deserves Love to empower others to begin their journey to self-love and healing. Self-love education is a real thing and EBDL has created a unique way of teaching new life skills and personal development to those in need through our sponsorship program. In 2018 I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services with a minor in Psychology and an emphasis on Mental Health. I make all my career and business decisions with this philanthropy in mind including the brands and company deals I accept as a model and social media influencer.

I want to continue to evolve the fashion and entertainment industry to be more inclusive and represent all types of beauty. I believe every body is deserving of feeling special and loved. This belief system can only be downloaded into the mind by doing our own inner work. This community will help you on your journey and but only YOU can walk this path for yourself. We believe in you! Keep shining like the star you are!
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