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How Faith Helps Me Grow

July 12, 2022

By alexaphelece

I learned how faith can help me grow and be my truest self. When you hear the words Faith and Surrender I want you to think of TRUST/KNOWING and letting go of RESISTANCE. In the dictionary ‘faith’ is defined as the complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

I was determined to grow and learn how to cease resistance and go with the flow. It was time for me to release the energetic toxin and poison that was living inside of me like too many shots of Patron™. The toxin was ready to get out and I was ready to move on. I knew the emotions were next to follow. The toxins must be released somehow right? Screaming, crying and punching a pillow might do the trick.

This growth allowed for so many positive changes too. Ceasing resistance and simultaneously gaining even better control. Lack of faith in my ability to grow feels like a drowning person who is kicking and screaming to stay above the waterline. Little did I know before that I made a conscious effort to trust in my power, my unconditional love, I stopped flailing and began to float. Like faith and surrender, we must let go and have trust in ourselves to float, so we will stop drowning.

“Faith and Self-Esteem Are Travelling Buddies.”

As an adult I see that human growth is about raising the human consciousness and feeling empowered. I loved me and everyone else. I just recently became aware of the fact that I the power and the power is within me. This is why these details resonated with me as a child. I always knew I was a powerful being but I still felt like I needed to hide my light. The truth is we all have this light inside us. This aliveness. We are cultivating this gift of elevated thought and ultimate faith in our Most Beautiful Self so we can pass it on to our children. The goal is to see an enlightened consciousness that does not involve negation of our power or oppression of anyone or anything. Acceptance of ourselves is at the core of removing all limitations we have on our potential.

More on how faith can help us grow and be our most beautiful self.

“Nones” are those who do not subscribe to an organized religion.

The word ‘capitulate’ is another word for surrender, cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority. It’s time for us to release limitations we have of ourselves and draw up terms with our conscious mind. Submit to the authority that is our Most Beautiful Self, your light!

Being involved in an organized religion was actually a huge positive stepping stone in my journey to self-love and acceptance. It is there where I learned how faith can help me grow and be my most beautiful self.

Attachment to Morality.

How attached are we to our morality? Is it our moral compass, or cultural conditioning?

How does our moral compass underpin our understanding of ourselves and our willingness to reject ourselves? Why are we are so quick to shun ourselves for our sins?

Right and wrong we love it. Why??? We can’t have a sense of right without wrong and wrong is totally misunderstood. Can we surrender to the truth that this is a matter of our minds and not at the essence of truth at all.

“What if the key to us realizing our potential as human beings and our ability to create and our ability to overcome obstacles within and our ability to experience joy and bring source energy flow through was to totally delegitimizing the idea of guilt.” – Dana Lord-Lewis

Morality makes it incumbent upon us to feel guilt. We redeem ourselves when we discharge guilt.

Looking for more on Self-Esteem, please visit Every Body Deserves Love.

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