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Self-Love EMPOWERS The Way We Think

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Hello Lovely Ladies, answer me this? What was the last kind or loving thing you said or thought to yourself about yourself? If something popped into your mind right away Congratulations! You are actively partaking in a self-loving practice that empowers the way we think of ourselves. On the other hand, if you struggled to come up with something or could not think of anything at all, let me invite you to partake in a little challenge. One that will shift your mindset and guide you to a more loving and nurturing way of regarding yourself.
I challenge you to try what I call, “Alexa’s Love Talk Challenge.” Part of this challenge will be difficult for many but this is why you are here! To embrace yourself fully, rising to the occasion as you become the best version of yourself! You are ready to overcome the blocks getting in your way from confidence. The blocks to your fabulousness. You are ready to be brave. You are ready to be courageous. We are all challenged everyday and we positively grow as a result of it.

So let’s dive right into empowering the way we think…

Start by looking into your reflection and say kind things to yourself every chance you get, even if you don’t think you need it. Does it feel silly, great! Be silly. Enjoy it. Fill yourself up in the mirror with pure positive love, energy, and focus. Self-Love challenges the way we think. Self-Love asks us to look at our behaviors including the hypothetical ones we create in our own minds. Did you know; what you think becomes reality? This is also true for what you say. This means, possibly, if you think amazing things, amazing things will happen. If you’ve ever sat and listened to your thoughts just for one day, shit, how about 10 mins, you’ll see there are HARMFUL thoughts we think every day. This becomes our language. So instead… lets choose positive thoughts to promote a more loving personal language.
Now let’s practice empowering the way we think!

Keep your mind clear of negativity. Stare into your eyes for a minimum of 2 minutes (set a timer). Everyday, preferably in the morning, look into the mirror and speak kindly to yourself and your body. Start with gratitude for your body and allow that to seep into other aspects of your being. Focus mentally and verbally on giving yourself only positive energy, even if it feels neutral, that’s still a success. Say anything that causes you to feel sparks of joy. With this new daily practice empowers the way we think of ourselves. You will not only begin to see yourself in a more loving way but you will begin to notice how your internal language has begun to shift along with it. And there you have it… “Alexa’s love- talk challenge”! Another tool to add to your self-love tool box. One you can take with you anywhere.
Handy-Dandy Self-Love Tool

So now whenever negative thoughts or negative self-talk comes up you have this handy-dandy tool to use in your daily routine. You see negative thoughts just living in our minds are actively damaging it. Luckily, positive thoughts are 100,000x more powerful than negative ones. However, negative thoughts come way too easy, don’t they? That’s why we all need to be spending time monitoring our thoughts and mental blips/thought bubbles which empowers the way we think of ourselves. Someone has to make sure we aren’t digesting negative – malnourishing thoughts.

Sorry not sorry, that someone is YOU! It’s up to us to sit with our thoughts in every moment. This is why meditation is such a powerful tool. As we sit in our thoughts moment to moment, we can keep adjusting them to be positive. We are actively learning to reframe our thoughts. If you practice this alone it’s that much easier to implement. Much easier when dealing with others.
OKayyyyy so how do we adjust our thoughts?
Call it reframing or flipping. Call it kicking out the bully in your fucking head honey! Name it what you want but those negative thoughts gotta go!

We simply can’t think that way. We must adjust those negative thoughts; claiming, admitting, and accepting your greatness in order to create new ways of thinking and talking to yourself. We can create new, positive thoughts every moment we catch an ugly one. For example thinking, “You’re a bitch!” Ugh. Caught-cha, now flip-ya. “You’re not a bitch, you’re a human. A loving unstoppable force for awesomeness!” Now that empowers the way we think of ourselves. Am I right?

Flip It empowers the way we think.

For every negative thought that comes into our minds, we have to practice this adjustment. First comes awareness, then swallowing that uncomfortable resistance to change, saying something else, and lastly thinking something positive or neutral instead. This is what is referred to as mastering our minds. When you master your mind, you not only change the quality of your life, but change how you feel about yourself and the world around you everyday. Let’s get your mind in tune with the frequency for the unique life you really wish to have and the person you want to be!
Looking for more ways to add Self-Love to your life and daily routines that empowers the way we think of ourselves? Are you looking to cultivate more confidence and positivity? Join my 5 Day Self-Love Challenge today!

XX Alexa

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