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Your Emotional Wellness Toolkit

July 12, 2022

By alexaphelece

I had this assumption that mental health is supposed to be good without any effort. That assumption died when I was 17 and took my first psychology class. Then I discovered how to better my emotional wellness and created a handy toolkit. I learned about the human brain and how truly fucked up our minds could be. The first challenge is finding the words, knowledge and understanding about what I was even experiencing.

The challenge begins with understanding and awareness as keys to having a successful tool kit for your mental health. The toolkit is a foundation of creating and finding what works for you.

Why Should You Learn How To Better Your Emotional Wellness?

We should all be considering our personal growth and how to better our emotional wellness on a moment to moment basis. The more confident we can become in communicating, managing and accepting ourselves, the quicker we will begin to discover our Most Beautiful Self.

Where do we start when building a tool kit for self love? I have to ask, are you ready to do some work? We have to massage our tensions little by little, breaking the tensions free of each other bit by bit like a tight muscle. This can be emotionally painful, you could even have visceral, body experiences, tiredness, fatigue, mental exhaustion…

With Faith comes resilience.

This tool kit will help better your emotional wellness and offer you the ability to handle life’s stresses with little impact and adapt to changes and difficult times. We want to be able to handle the ups and downs of life with class and elegance because they lead to our greatest successes.

The goal is the manifestation of your dreams. The goal is to accelerate your visions from thought form to reality form. Or maybe it’s to stop feeling sad and resonate with feelings of joy again. We have the ability to experience life in a very connected way and a very disconnected way. If you cut off a nonphysical source of energy you will experience depression. It’s a chronic deficit.

Building the tool kit doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s the wisdom you collect along your journey, getting more and more connected to your Truest Self and your power.

When I got my first home my dad gave me this bag of tools and bits and parts for all the things he thought I would need on my journey of home ownership. It was sweet. I wish I could have handed him back a tool kit of all the inner and outer tools I would offer him on his journey to well being and self-love.

Here is YOUR TOOLKIT to better your emotional wellness and be your Truest Self!

Inner kit is for the vertical plane, the soul, the self, internal world (most results shown)

  • It’s our mind how we interact and control our energy. There is conditioning and associations but how we associate with energy as we perceive as positive or negative is at the core of your patterns and what sets the stage for what you’re gonna see and not see and what you’re going to get out of everything. Our interpretations of the external world is crucial. Having a clear energy meter is what it’s like. Dusty?
  • Positive mindset
  • Meditation skills
  • Stress management techniques
  • Faith and forgiveness
  • Surrendering and Releasing old patternings (die!!)
  • Healing energy leaks and traumas

Accessing Vertical Energy is the most important.

  • There are not enough teachings about this. There is a lot of teaching around the horizontal plane. That’s how society teaches us to generate feelings of happiness.
  • Our mental energy must be invested in the right ways. This mental energy is like cash. This money has to be saved up and used to purchase. We have to save and contain that money so we can invest in what we want. This is also the health of your energetic system according to Dana Lord-Lewis .
  • Are you blocking or passing or dunking?? ( basketball analogy )

Outer kit is for the horizontal plane, the body, the form, external world , The rituals (least result shown)

  • The routines
  • Financial plans and nice job
  • Support system
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Nutrition
  • Safe place to sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • Skill training
  • Body movement and healthy levels of stress
  • Looking and feeling good (clothes, hygiene, makeup, hair cut etc.)
  • Take notes on experiences that drain you, or trigger you.
  •  Recognize the resistances.
  • How are we expressing emotions
  • I am an energetic system and my body is the form. You can try to change form, however you should change energetics. Our material world is a reflection of our energetics.
  • Externalizing it through art, writing it out or talking and having conversations about your mental health (which is where therapy can come into play) allows you to process and gain new perspective

I found this handy toolkit from the National Institute of Health!

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