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Discovering Energy To Find Self-Love

July 2, 2022

By alexaphelece

Inspire new ways of thinking by discovering Self-Love with Energy

Hey ladies! Let me ask you something… Wouldn’t it be great to tap into the happiest version of yourself? Consciously enjoying your “Being”! Well it’s as simple and complicated as snapping your fingers, journaling, meditating or dancing to your favorite song. It’s all ENERGY BABY! And it’s our topic for this week! Discovering Self-Love. Now before we jump into Energy and the important role it plays in our Self-Love journey let’s recap a little.

We had introduced and gone into our key Self-Love tools the last time we chatted, some of which were meditation and movement. I bring those two up specifically because they will be playing a role in our discussion of Energy and how we see it in our physical world. They are also tools we can use to harness and move through energy in our daily lives. Coming from discussing the various tools we can use to better navigate life and manifest the lives we truly want to live, both meditation and movement are unique ways to address Energy. We will discover self-love with the Energy in our bodies or around us in the physical world as well as Energy on a deeply personal and metaphysical level. A soul level if you will. So as we delve into better understanding Energy let’s keep those tools in mind.

So Energy…

When we think of energy what comes up? Is it purely physical, emotional or how about both? When I think of Energy, I think of my whole beautiful delicious self! I am an Energetic system. Babes we all are! Energy is so much more than just our physical world but more on that later. In our quest and journey of Self-love, we have to address anything that is getting in the way of what we want. We have to see energy before it hits our bodies and address it and filter it in very conscious and meaningful ways.

I was introduced to the fundamental aspects of Energy through a course called the Magnitude Program. This program was my first awakening to the importance Energy has in my life. This course was offered by a brilliant woman named Dana Lord. Her company Energy Think helped me see the critical difference between Energy on a non-physical and physical level. There is a big difference between Energy and physical form, as mentioned prior. Through Energy Think, I learned that we all have a unique power to manifest transformation into our lives, by shifting energies rather than imposing changes into our physical world. This means that most of our power is happening on an energetic level within us, within our human system.

A wonderful example Dana gave to better help explain this concept or knowledge base was that of trying to make changes through a mirror. Let’s say we tried to paint the walls of our room through the reflection of a mirror. Not very practical is it? In fact it’s quite silly… So then why would we try to transform our reality through the physical. Transformation actually happens on an energetic level, when this takes place we then see results in the physical world. It can be confusing at first to understand but with time and conscious effort it becomes such an empowering feeling, to know that we have the ability to positively impact our lives in a way that puts all of the control back into our hands!

Discovering Energy in Meditation and Movement

With that being said, what roles do meditation and movement play in discovering Self-Love within this new definition and outlook on Energy? How do these two key Self-Love tools aid this process of manifestation in the non physical world? Dana says there are two categories of energy sources.

We can access energy from the horizontal plane and from the vertical plane. When accessing from the horizontal plane, think of all things you see around you in the physical world. When accessing from the vertical plane, think about all the energy that you can connect with from within you.

As you draw from your Self-Love tools, you will see that some address energies in one of those two planes. Movement for instance addresses energies in that horizontal plane whereas meditation addresses the vertical. For instance when I meditate I can connect to a source of energy that makes me feel calm and energized. This is the most powerful form of energy. I also get and connect to energy from the horizontal plane by having a great conversation for example. This energy feels really good too but is not sustainable. Remember we want to bring about manifestation and change within the non physical in order to bring about sustainable and profound changes to our physical world.

Embrace All Aspects Of Who We Are…

Through consciously using meditation and movement we can begin seeing what energies we are dealing with throughout our routines. We can transmute or change how these energies come to fruition within us and around us and discovering Self-Love. We will begin to embrace all aspects of who we are and freely express our ultimate unique source of energy, which you guessed it is only found within! Dana calls this our “Unicorn Self” and I am totally here for it! This is the version of yourself that expresses the truth of your soul. It is the most beautiful way to live and it’s something that I hope I can help you obtain for yourselves in your lifetime.

Today’s topic was quite deep and complex, a little confusing, but hopefully super exciting too! Being able to actualize your own divine source energy is some very powerful stuff ladies and I am here to guide you and share in what that journey and practice can look like. I would love to share and leave you all with a little activity to get you started in your Energy practice. Happy manifesting loves!

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