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How To Understand Yourself Through Awareness

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece

In this series of blog articles we share how to be less fearful and define how to be your truest self. We will cover areas of Awareness, Acceptance, Visualization, Faith, Self-Love and so much more.

When we allow the world to define who we are, what we want and how we feel, living a life of happiness will continue to be a struggle. Learn how to be less fearful in life and avoid trying to fit in the expectations of others. I still remember the moment I was sitting in my AP Psychology course at 17 and became aware of this truth.

Today I bring you good news on being less fearful!

Empower your discovery to be your most beautiful self with awareness of what, why and how the world tries to define us. It’s true! Through exposing our fears and unwanted expectations of ourselves, we begin on a path of self-love. Self-Love is that continuing discovery of our most beautiful selves. Self-Love helps us. We empower ourselves with each revelation in this difficult and FUN journey.

I used to be deeply depressed and pretty much hated myself. This mindset spread like poison to the relationship I had with myself and ALL my relationships. At the time, I didn’t know why I felt poorly about myself. Self-Love proved to me that I was worthy of healing and there is value in gaining awareness around the limiting beliefs and fears I had placed on myself. I discovered with this awareness, I am able to pursue and achieve my dreams. I studied self-awareness and it is a skill, it’s an ability that must be practiced regularly like learning a language. True awareness is fleeting. When we become aware, that which we were aware of goes away to the next awareness. They never stay. And when it goes, it does not take a part of us. This is a metaphysical way of thought, and you may need to read more on this subject over and over again to truly get it. I know I did!

I found answers here in this video of Rupert Spira answering this question of “What is Awareness?”.

Think about when you first become aware in the morning. I can imagine myself squinting as the sun kisses me and my window. What was the last thing you were aware of before you fell asleep? Awareness is the word for what is, I. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize your feelings, and understand how they lead to your behaviors and thoughts. Once we give awareness a thing to be aware of, that becomes consciousness. Awareness is the light before the subject of consciousness comes into view. The awareness goes away, and consciousness takes over. Consciousness is awareness + mind and the structure of the brain. This means that it is entirely possible that when we become conscious of how the world defines us, we can shift that definition as a falsehood, a lie, a societal or social expectation but not our own. It is most always is about our physical nature. We have the God-given power to shrug that off and call it false, as we are much more than that definition or any other label. That’s the fear talking.

Here is an example of me being bullied online.

Someone says something hateful about me. It is my awareness that shines the light on the hateful speech written in this “Curvy swimsuit model cyber-bullied over revealing Instagram photo” article. If I get upset, angry, or send negative energy back, it will be my consciousness that takes over and allows that encounter to affect me. To manifest the reaction. The encounter taints my reactions. I reach otherwise nice interactions as a defense. Is that who I am? No. Journal writing and forgiveness practices resolves the instance after some time. I am whole again. These are great tips to be less fearful and react to your triggers. I have to relearn this lesson over and over again. Can you see how exhausting that can be? I did. So now, I can spin it right from the get-go. It is MY CHOICE, MY RESPONSIBILITY to myself, to dis-arm the triggers.

How can I quickly dis-arm the triggers and learn how to be less fearful?

Let’s first define the triggers. Triggers in most instances comes out in upset. What is the definition of being upset? Look back at all that makes you upset. There is one thing in common, always. Expectation. Faulty expectations cause upsets. We expect people to be respectful. We expect people to be loving. Do you see? We all know not everyone is respectful or loving. So there is the faulty expectation. Now when I get upset, awareness now shines the light on that consciousness which in turn is my expectation of the circumstance. When I allow the trigger to go off, I am now equipped to see it as it is, and not as a definition of me, but a faulty expectation of what I thought would happen. That thought is now changeable, because we are in control of our thoughts.

How does this lesson work for you? Share your thoughts on how you take responsibility to your thoughts and reactions to what happens around you.

Tips To Begin Your Awareness Journey:

  • Avoid trying to fit into the expectations of others by becoming aware you are doing so.
  • You were born to stand out, express your truest desires and be aware of when you aren’t.
  • Care more about what you think and less about others by paying attention to how you feel about things.
  • Self-awareness is the ability to recognize your feelings, and understand how they lead to your behaviors and thoughts.
  • When you know fear can take control over your decision making, you can then make the conscious effort to choose on your own decision.
  • Becoming aware of your own limiting beliefs about yourself is helpful.
  • Self-awareness is an effort but it is a fun and powerful journey as we are empowered by each revelation.
  • Awareness is the gaining of knowledge in regards to your perspectives or experience.
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