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How To Gain More Focus with Imagination and Visualization

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece

When we are looking for a paradigm shift — a change in thought patterns or a wish for things to be different — an important practice is Visualization. Visualization helps us gain more focus, and is a directed method of imagination which includes the emotional connections to the experience we are seeking. I am not only asking you to visualize the goals you want to achieve but I want you to feel it before it even happens. This is how we eliminate the pressures we put on ourselves and instead build focus while enjoying the process.

I want you to feel it before it even happens

It may seem silly at first. Visualizing the ideal outcome in every experience is something that has been proven very helpful for highly focused people. Are you focused on yourself? Your goals? Your purpose? Are you the type who is always seeking to positively impact your world? You will love the practices we share that will help you focus completely on what you are searching for in your journey to your Most Beautiful Self! Where our focus goes our energy goes, and where our energy goes, life grows!

Visualization To Gain More Focus – let’s practice.

  • Close your eyes. ( no need for candles or sage. but you can if you want. lol)
  • Imagine your ‘mental artwork’, your ideal outcome.
  • Paint the picture in your mind. (ahhh I bet it’s looking incredible.)
  • If you have already achieved your goals, imagine exactly what you would be looking at.
  • What image do you see in your mind that paints the perfect image of your dreams?
  • What does it feel like? Imagine something you desire like it’s been realized.
  • Imagine being inside of yourself, looking out through your eyes at the ideal result.

When I worked with kids I would tell them they are all artists. They are painting the artwork that is their world, their self-expression, God represented through them! Your inner artist may have been forced to remove the paint and the brush. That is devastating, depleting even. Something may have been holding you back from creating the life you want and it held you back from achieving your dreams. Through visualization we can be imaginative and creative in what we want for ourselves. Give yourself the joy and ignite the feelings associated with these goals and dreams.

In a new study, psychologists Christopher Davoli and Richard Abrams from Washington University have suggested that consistent use of imagination may be more effective than we think in helping us reach our goals.

Visualization is effective in gaining more focus, because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind. When we visualize goals as complete, it creates a conflict in our subconscious mind between what we are visualizing and what we currently have. This conflict helps re-write your brain to make your goals more effortless.

Infuckingcredible. (←real word)

Have you heard the term “Fake it till you make it?.” That is the BEST MANTRA for visualization and confidence except this won’t be fake at all because before you know it you will see, feel it, and it will materialize. (and that’s real!) Most successful entrepreneurs, artists and professionals use these techniques to achieve their goals. Visualization is a common sense success strategy that can keep you motivated and focused to achieve your goals throughout the day. As I’ve often said, “Visualize it, feel it, and it will materialize.”

Visualization is the application of your gift of imagination to your faith and confidence.

How to gain more focus with visualization changes how our brain networks are organized. Visualization creates more connections among different regions. It stimulates brain regions involved in rehearsal of movement, such as the putamen located in the forebrain, priming the brain and body for action so that we move more effectively. Have you ever known anyone who recovered from a stroke? The same process they use to re-learn how to speak, for example, is what you are doing with your visualization practice. You can also understand the effectiveness of this practice through understanding the underlying energetics at play.

Beneficial Tips of Visualization

  • Imagination Has No Limits. – You can create your ideal world.
  • It Is Important for artists and professionals alike – Visualization creates FOCUS and that leads to real results.
  • Your inner artist is ready to create your ideal self!
  • A Useful Training Tool for things like healing, minimizing stress when we are in problem solving mode, and even forgiveness too. – We are able to visualize a variety of situations to connect with emotions and energy and then release them.
  • Reduce Stress. – Visualization solves problems.
  • Visualization Gives You a Wider Point of View. – As well as a pin-point focus we can also provide peripheral vision giving the ability to see something coming up.
  • Visualization Can Help You Change Habits. – When you are deep in this process you make different connections in your brain.
  • Dana Lord says create SAYSOS for focused outcomes

Looking for more tips on visualization? Check out

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