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Mindfulness Tools – Laughter and Breath

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece

There are two very underestimated mindfulness tools that are ridiculously overlooked when it comes to Self-love and Growth.

These two conscious practices are accessible everyday to us, no matter where we are. They can be used to automatically relieve stress, anxiety, and to offer us a conscious pause when we just do not know how to respond to things going on around and inside of us. Well what are these two magical concepts?! Our very own Breath & Laughter! Yep, one of the very things we need to live, breathing, and one we totally take for granted, laughter, are some of the most powerful and under used practices when it comes to our Self-Care journeys.

“The secret of life consists of knowing how to laugh & also how to breathe."
The British Philosopher Alan Watts

How very right he was! There is an article on that actually lists SEVERAL health benefits to laughing; some such examples are: it relaxes the body, boosts our immune systems, triggers the release of endorphins, and even burns calories! How freaking cool is that?! Our own bodies provide us with a way to initially protect ourselves and our energy. Now with breathing we also see a wonderful array of benefits but these are a bit more physiological. According to studies controlled breathing leads to : lowered blood pressure and heart rate, reduced levels of stress hormones in the blood, reduced lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue, and balanced levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood just to name a few.

So how to begin really using breath & laughter…

Well I myself LOVE to laugh. It brings me so much joy and comfort aside from all of the stated health benefits. It gives me a pause and opportunity to redirect my thoughts and address my energy and emotions before responding to outside forces. I make a very conscious choice to laugh throughout my day, whether at myself or in situations that may require extra attention to deal with. Bring more joy into your day as well by CHOOSING it. It really can be that simple, changing your body and mindset instantly. By the same token I partake in a lot of controlled breathing in my daily life and routines. I have a very busy and active lifestyle. Breathing helps me gain more energy or steady myself after going non stop knocking out the various tasks of my day. Breath is a very beautiful way to be present and aware within yourself and your body. Put down that phone, turn off the news, or any other distraction you have chosen over you. Sit nice and tall… and take a nice deep INHALE. Now doesn’t that feel good?!

Now that you know the importance within these practices, get to it BABES!

The Self-love journey you have committed to comes with many heavy moments of deep reflection and hard work. And, we have laughter and breath to light heartedly bring us back, to ease the trials, and hardship of the journey. Don’t give up or over analyze. Be present and grounded, by just taking a few deep delicious breaths or have a good old laugh sesh. Now that you know the importance within these practices, get to it BABES! Deal with that traffic, or awkward family gathering with the powers of laughter and breathing. Also, share these wonderful tools! Tell your friends, coworkers, anyone that you feel could greatly benefit from it, which honestly everyone can.

I hope today's post motivates you to take that time to look inward before going for or accessing tools or resources outside of yourself. Stay tuned for next weeks nugget of wisdom! As always please subscribe and share with whomever you feel this could help.


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