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Begin The Journey of Living Your Truest Authentic Life

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece

This machine is making waves.

Are you ready to consume some valuable content that will aid in your journey of living your truest authentic life? We are giving you the tools to achieve and live a life of consciousness and self gain. Together we will shift the unwanted emotions and beliefs into supportive and healing practices.

Hey, I’m Alexa! It is my mission to share my journey through blogging about the experiences and emotions that create my life story. When I first began my own journey of self actualization I was in High School. I witnessed my own limiting and self sabotaging beliefs, practices, and relationships. I saw how they had affected my self esteem. This low self-esteem got in the way of all the things that made me feel happy and powerful.

You deserve to be happy and powerful!

The birth of Instagram and Social Media Influencing plays a role in my story. I noticed I would be scrolling online while simultaneously negatively comparing myself to other women. However, the more I began to see other women that physically resembled my body the more my mindset shifted. Maybe, I could do it too? Fashion is fun. My anger and low self-esteem made me think, if curvy hoe could, why not me? So of course, there I go, comparing again. She can, maybe I can. What if I could be like her? Successful. Glamorous. Confidence. Fashion Icon. Maybe I can, became, OF COURSE I CAN!

Why do we get in our own way?

What about the high levels of happiness and power I could have in my own life?

Now I was thinking of new things. These models changed me.

Fashion opened my eyes to the significance of radical self-ownership and taking full accountability of my own experiences. Knowing this to be true, happiness is an option for me. I had to consciously make the decision to choose LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of myself if I was ever going to be successful as a model in the USA.

Everyday I practice the habits that make me stronger, wiser, happier and more true to my truest self.

Self-understanding can be challenging and that’s alright. Remember, we are never alone…together as a human collective we can raise the consciousness of all our communities. Here on this website, I have my mind set focused on the women and youthful spirits of the world. You may not be a woman between the ages of 18-105 but you’re welcome here too. This website will help anyone who wants to receive it.

Ladies, when you participate in these blogs, it may get uncomfortable. No matter what you feel remember you’re innocent. All the emotions that come up for you are helpful when on the quest for self-understanding. There is no judgement allowed here. Only acceptance, positivity, and neutral viewing of who we are and who we will work to become. We welcome all parts of ourselves and you will get plenty of opportunities to write them down and journal all about them.

Energetic independence, self-love, and stress relief are just a few goal outcomes from our time here. The website is where you can come to tap into your own true power. Judgement free.

We will be discussing the meaning of life, psychology, energetics that underlie our feelings, vaginas, feelings of depression, self-love, mindfulness and so much more. Through your work here, you will discover opportunities for self-growth, love and living your best life.

My team and I are developing some really fun and empowering programming at my non-profit:
 Every BODY Deserves Love.
Won’t you join us?

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