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3 Ways To Find Self-Love

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Have you ever applied a shade of lipstick that makes you feel like the baddest b*tch on the block?! Living authentically as yourself is like finding that perfect shade of lippy and rocking it everyday. We are going to use tactics below to find self-love. If we are not aware of the colors that make us shine, then we can become deeply influenced by the lies told to us in our society and environment about who we are.

Darling…your soul is very ancient and holds the wisdom of the stars! You are a star with a unique high vibrational awareness that helps you move through life from a place of love and not fear. Our fear leads us away from this authenticity and we cannot stand for it. As women, we need to recognize this fear within us and separate ourselves from it. Only you can truly connect with your true authentic self and honor it. You are here on this planet to be you to the fullest extent possible.

I have 3 easy ways to find self-love and identify those irrational fears that will help anyone live authentically as their most beautiful self if they are willing to do the work with self-discipline and self-compassion. It all starts with a pen and paper. You have everything you need to discover your most beautiful self and live in a state of authenticity. I was so easily influenced by other people because I was so unclear as to who I was and what made me happy. Journaling was the beginning of my journey back to myself. Pull out a pen and paper right now or pull out your calendar to schedule some time to answer these questions below.

Three Ways To Find Self-Love

These are the 3 questions that I had to meditate on to discover what I had to let go of and what I had to walk towards. If moving through life from a place of love is important to you, answer these tough questions – as soon as possible.

- 1 -
When you close your eyes and visualize the happiest life and the happiest version of you, what do you see?

In order to get where you want to go and feel how you want to feel, you need to be crystal clear on what happiness looks like for you. When you close your eyes and visualize the happiest life and the happiest version of you, what do you see , feel, hear, and even taste?
Let’s get clear – every – damn – day – about what makes us happy. This is where you get super specific!

- 2 -
What aspects of your life are not where you want them to be? What would it take for you to make a positive transition?

We are all guilty of this settling for less nonsense. Ladies I don’t know who told us we had to settle for mediocrity but we absolutely do not honey! You’re a damn queen by birth. This writing experience will be a tough one but you’re a tough woman. This writing brain dump will help you uncover any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself while you’re on this journey of self-understanding. Making a positive transition to support our ideal lives is possible for all of us.

What fears are floating around in your conscious mind that you can identify right now? Think about what makes you afraid. After you list as many that come to mind, consider where they came from and write that down too.

Time To Take Over The World

Ladies, do you want to take over the world with love and passion? Mastering your own mind and identifying your fears is where real female power comes in. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in this world to feel empowered and loved. Unconditionally loving yourself starts with allowing yourself to be imperfect and acknowledge we all experience fears, worry, and anxiety. Trying to understand your fears is an essential yet overlooked part of living as your most beautiful self.

Our mind is the sole reason we feel the way we feel – right now. My mind was the whole reason I hated my body. I would look in the mirror and think about how terrible it is to live in this fleshy cellulit-eeee bumpy body. My mind fed me lies. It was all fear-based thinking centered around not being accepted by others and myself. Your mind is the reason that you are as far as you are in life. We must think with intention. When we think about ourselves, we must think consciously and with more kindness. Our thinking patterns can be reframed to be supportive to our happiness and well-being.

Write It Down

Journaling is a great practice to adopt because it can be a fun and intentional way of empowering our patterns of thinking, self-reflection and find Self-Love. Your thinking has played a major role in how successful you’ve become. Every day, whether first thing in the morning or about an hour before you go to rest your pretty head on a soft pillow, you can make a powerful choice to offer yourself more self-care by writing and journaling. I suggest choosing to write, and share your thoughts in any way that feels good to you. Some ideas for journal writing are physically using a notebook and pen, utilizing a notes app on your phone, or creating a social media post. Choose to adopt this practice for organizing your thoughts, and feeling more self-love.

Love Yourself Boo!

A lot of women are simply programmed to believe that their circumstances are a matter of chance. Pfffft. I am calling boooooooooshit boo boo. If I said to you, “Where you are in life, and how you love yourself is all a matter of your thinking, would you believe me?” You should love for I am singing the truth about self-love honey! You might be sitting back and pondering this song I’m singing. From birth, we’ve all been affected, programmed and molded like clay by our subconscious and conscious thoughts that outline the energy we share and attract. It is about time we dismantle these limiting beliefs. They are only getting in the way of us living authentically, led by our inherent intuition and mastering of our thoughts.

Join My 5-Day Self-Love Challenge

We are who we are because of the thoughts that we think, let’s reframe this thinking together! If you’re hungry to get more connected to yourself and enjoyed this journaling activity Join my 5 Day Self-Love Challenge! I hope these blogs help you stay accountable for your own happiness. Here we understand that not only is this inner work so hard, but that it can also feel lonely. My beautiful soul, you are not alone and this community is here to support you throughout your journey. Thank you for investing in the time to learn how to embrace yourself and heal your pain through self-love. You are worth it! You are a Superstar for taking the time to do this important reflective work.
Learn more about Self-Love with programs we developed for Every Body Deserves Love.


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