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Six Favorite Self-Love Tools

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece


How many times in your own life journey have you wished for a guidebook or set of self-love tools for approaching life? *UH ME! – Like a dozen-hundred times*

For me, a guidebook of self-love tools would have been the most helpful a few years ago when I was battling cystic acne, low self-esteem and trying to figure out my life. Life is messy and busy. At one point I was so overwhelmed and felt like I was missing valuable information on how to be successful. I needed to know how to conserve energy and protect my peace. I didn’t know how to approach certain situations or people and everything caused me anxiety. My relationships were struggling and so was the relationship I had to myself and body. Now after much searching, investing, and accountability I have found numerous tools to help me in my daily life. I would love to share what they are and how implementing them in a mindful and present way will literally transform your life!
Here at we as creatives, partners and empowered women, actively practice the following self-help tools and are committed to creating happiness for ourselves. The self-love commitment isn’t easy but when you do it together, the load is less heavy. We understand that in doing so we also assist in the manifestation of happiness for ourselves and others. By sharing these tools with every awakened human you know, you offer them another gem to tuck away in their self-love toolbox. We hope you find these tools powerful in your journey to a life of self-gain vs self-harm. These practices, when applied, will aid you in creating your own feelings of fulfillment and happiness.

A few of our GO-TO Tools we will introduce to you in later blogs will include:

Reflective Writing, Creative Journaling, Meditation & Mindfulness Practices, Body Movement, Community Conversation, One on One support with Alexa, and of course being first to know and belong with the family.

What are these Self-Love Tools that will be offered through

1) Reflective writing is an empowering activity in which you draw attention to your unwanted and wanted emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and relationships. You become solely focused on introspection and self awareness. Reflective writing asks you to look in the mirror. Take a look at your opinions of self. Don’t judge. Just look. For example a prompt might be: Think of a time you had a difficult encounter with a thought or other person. Ask yourself, how did I react? How do I wish to respond the next time? Reflective writing will help us become more aware of ourselves even during our most challenging situations.
2) Creative Journaling is not solely focused on introspection and self awareness like reflective writing is. Creative journaling is free flowing. It is the ability to create the lifestyle, feelings, and relationships we want through writing. Actively manifesting your desires. It could look like a Mantra that you write down everyday or perhaps a poem helping you express and manifesting love in your life.

Just letting it flow babyy!

3) Meditation & Mindfulness is all about tapping into yourself and tuning out the world. It’s about going to that vertical plain, your inner world, the seat of your creativity and essence. Unlike the horizontal plain which looks like the outer world. How your body feels, how you view yourself or relationships you share with others. Through the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness, we quiet all that and flex our mind power. We begin to fine tune that skill. We learn how to stabilize our own energy and emotions.
4) Body Movement is a gift! I believe we must practice our ability to move the body. I am talking about body movement even in the simplest form like blinking, eating, a quick stretch even. Here in this community we DO NOT believe in dieting or exercise fads. We are lovers of healthy body image, nutrition, and movement. Let’s turn our attention to some of my favorite mindful body movement activities.

  • modeling/ posing
  • dancing
  • breathing exercises
  • pilates
  • roller skating (I just bought a pair of Impala inline skates!)
  • yoga, Just to name a few…

We all have a unique relationship to body movement. It can be difficult for some of us due to trauma around it. Together we will feel empowered to move! We will redefine how body movement positively affects our lives.
5) Community Conversation We are all common characters! We have shared beliefs, perspectives, and challenges. You are here to improve your life and feel empowered. Community conversation is a great way to see our capacity for conscious growth amongst all humans and move into a more awakened time in history. When we communicate in a place of non-judgement we can see our truth and the path of happiness. A great way of communicating and sharing your thoughts and feelings with me is through the blog posts on I want to provide a safe space for women to come together, uplift each other and be their authentic selves. It is very important for me to have you share your feedback and journey with me as it is for me to share my journey with you.
One on One support with Alexa

6) Another tool that I feel is beneficial and could help us relate better to one another is One on One support. I have been mentored and it helps! I will be offering one on ones for a more personal approach to self-discovery. Creating receptor sites in our brain and bodies for happiness can be difficult. I am here to offer guidance and hold your hand as you do the work and create that for yourself. From Zoom calls, to going over worksheets, writing prompts, and activity reviews, I will hold space for you. This will be an extra tool and is unique in that way. Learn and engage differently during our one on ones. This option includes my time and trained guidance for those who may benefit from interacting this way.

Belonging to the, a community of people who empower others who feel disempowered. For those of you who are new to nonprofit life – my journey and websites are filled with it. I am the Founder and CEO of a non-profit named This organization was born during a time that is very special to me and others who were struggling with self-esteem and finding a life full of self-love. The organization started as a movement, and events filled with mental health support and practices for confidence. Our goal is to evolve our online community services into in-person programs that serve youth’s needs for belonging and unconscious desires for self love, confidence, and self-acceptance. Within EBDL you find lessons that offer new empowering perspectives, exciting workshops, and even a yearly beach party. offers a variety of online resources too!

Doing The Work Is Not Easy

Our words cast spells on us. We are all magical beings and I was able to heal my pain through inner work. Like I said and will say time and time again “doing the work is not easy!” Life is a beautiful and messy thing and when we get to the root of our unconscious patterns, tendencies, spells, and desires we can experience unlimited joy together.
I learned how to connect to my truth by combining self development techniques and spiritual tools that help me get grounded to my roots. The Self-Love Tools and guidance here will allow us to understand ourselves and the world around us more. We can have an enjoyable experience on our journey. We are all one. Our power is serious and we affect those around us. I want you to feel like a master of yourself and all your relationships.

All the above tools I have described and explained will be covered individually and include content like YouTube videos, writing prompts, worksheets, body movement exercises and so much more! I am beyond ecstatic to share these transformative tools and practices. They have changed my life and those of my fellow creatives, partners, and friends.
Welcome to this Self-Love Community Ladies!

We are here for you and ready to share all we can to help you create the lives you desire and want. Please don’t forget to share my blog with whomever you feel could benefit from it. We are all in this together, catch you next week!

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