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August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Tell me… when you’re out at brunch with your ladies, attending an event or at a wedding, and those phones and cameras break out to document these moments, are you ready with a “go-to” pose? Do you feel confident regardless of the setting or occasion? How about when there are no external pressures? It’s just you and your phone taking a quick little selfie of your OOTD?

It’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed and awkward when put on the spot to take a picture like that, or when you’re just not that comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t know how to pose, you probably feel insecure and not “swaggy” at all. Instead, you feel doubts brought on by thoughts about how you might appear. And let me tell you… all that doubt and insecurity is visible in your pictures.
Practice Makes Perfect

You might be thinking, “Well Alexa you’re a freaking MODEL! Like of course you have mad confidence in yourself!?” But as I have shared with you babes before, that wasn’t always the case! Even now, there are days when I do not feel the most confident in myself, but I do feel confident in the education, time, and endless amounts of practice I have put into my posing skills. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is not just something our parents, coaches, and mentors said to get us to do the things we do not want to. They said it because it works! Today I want to pass on some of my posing tips to help you build that confidence for yourself.
At the last Every Body Deserves Love Beach Party, an uplifting and amazing event centered around building community and raising funds for the Every Body Deserves Love organization, there was a raffle prize for a confidence building photoshoot. Joan, the woman who won the prize, had her photoshoot last week and told me a little about her experience. She felt good, enjoyed herself and the unique experience over all but she beggggged for some tips on how to pose. She lacked the confidence in her ability to feel comfortable when posing. This is such a common request and occurrence, and for a good reason. Posing can feel so unnatural. However it is a skill that becomes easier with time to learn and execute that will evolve the way you walk, talk, and ultimately of course how you take photos.
3 Ways To Feel Confident

There are three sustainable, long lasting ways to feel prepared in moments where there’s a photo or video being taken. This will allow for you to feel confident and connected to how you look, express yourself, and move your body. All which are key components to successful posing.

My tips to help you build confidence are:
1) Looking at yourself in the mirror
2) Practicing posing in selfie mode and with others
3) Investing in developing new posing skills with expert resources
Posing, believe it or not, relates to self-love and how we care for ourselves. It aids us not only in our body awareness but in how we accept ourselves. Posing unlocks your own natural ability to be fully yourself. This type of confidence is something only you can unlock through learning and practicing new poses. You can also learn as a community alongside your friends, families, and various other groups which makes it fun and exciting!
Let’s go through some steps on how you can apply the above tips.
Feel Comfortable Step One: Start by looking at yourself in the mirror.
Do it. I know it can be weird, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. But like when cutting an onion and your eyes begin to tear and burn … let it burn baby. You got this! It is just a period of adjustment. Much like a storm passes through the country, this will pass too. Look in the mirror at your body as a whole. Imagine and visualize the color of the energy you give off. We all radiate energy and imagining with colors is fun and comforting. We are more open to joy and healing when fun is involved. Pick any color that makes you feel happy while being mindful of the thoughts you think about yourself when you look in the mirror. Allow hurtful comments to be forgiven and released for you don’t need them. Anytime you are looking at yourself in the mirror use it as a chance to watch the way you move. Remember to have fun when practicing this step and show yourself so much love, you’re awesome!

Feel Confident Step Two: Practice your posing.

You should be practicing posing in a way that makes you feel confident. There are lots of ways to practice posing for the camera. Great photos can come as a result of using selfie mode and a tripod or a creative photoshoot with friends. Practice posing as often as you can to feel confident. Take note, I said confident not COMFORTABLE. I am a model and I would be lying to you if I told you that all poses that make me feel confident are also comfortable. That is a big ol’ LIE. My favorite poses are often challenging to my body but I enjoy the challenge. No matter how you practice posing, keep going! Turn on music while you’re doing it and do it everywhere. BE creative and use your imagination. Continue practicing the poses that make you feel confident because confidence is key.
Feel Prepared Step Three: Use the resources offered to you by experts.

If someone has created wealth from their skills and techniques, invest in their programs for your success. Developing new posing skills and feeling confident in your body is more enjoyable when you can lean on a friendly and experienced Mentor. We all can benefit from guidance and seek it out from professionals, or those who are accomplished in their fields. This has been a great part of my success in building my own skill set. Like learning any new hobby, craft, or skill it pays to learn and educate yourself. There are so many beautiful resources out there!

I hope with the tips that I shared with you all today that you will look in the mirror at yourselves with soooo much love and appreciation for your wonderful uniqueness. That you embrace and accept all that you are and embody that alongside fun to give blossom to all the mad confidence I know is within! The more you practice, the easier it gets. If you’d like to learn more about my own favorite poses or the “Do’s & Don’t’s of posing” subscribe to my email list if you haven’t already! I am offering those resources and more as freebies!

Please share this blog with your friends, family, and whomever else you feel could benefit from these tips and reminders of self-love. Taking a great picture starts and ends with CONFIDENCE baby!

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