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Self-Love Journey

June 30, 2022

By alexaphelece

Now that we have entered a new year, (amidst all the chaos of uncertainty, more aware of global and local community sufferings) we have BIG decisions to make. I believe you’re here because you’ve decided to commit to yourSELF & your Self-Love journey;

The Beginning

Self-love is your new beginning. Chapter one. Self-Love. Now what. **Queue Rihanna “What Now” ***

Seriously, what is next?!

Mindful practices and self growth tools are how we approach this new begging. When the world seems to be on fire, burning down all – things – important to us, what is next?

Go inward. Launch deep within yourself and do it with this community here. We approach this self-journey by going within to find the love, belonging, and support we need! Yes that’s right babygirl, it’s that easy and requires a lot of damn strength and power. In order to become all you’re meant to be, you must believe you can do it. That belief is your power. Take that power and go inward and reflect, sit with, and contemplate your story. You are the storyteller of your own life. You can decide who you are throughout the day. We are navigating this life consciously and unconsciously in our own stories. The more we can do it, mindfully – the better. We can help with that.

The commitment and journey of Self-Love is so much more than a set yoga routine or weekly “self-care” spa night, though those mindful practices certainly do help.

Self Love Is NOT:

  • Shaming yourself into doing something
  • Feeling guilty
  • Get rich quick scheme
  • Dummy hygiene care practice
  • Self-help wooo oooo!

No, this journey is an ever changing lifelong connection that you will get closer and closer to. Self-love is the pathway to your highest power, your god, your source, your sustainable energy and ultimate joy. This is what all humans can have access too. As the pathway becomes clear, we will see evolution and transformational change. You know what else changes, our habits and the way in which we interpret the world around us us. Hello, new beginning, new resolutions, and new mindsets.

Self-love comes with a radical form of self ownership over your happiness and well being. It improves our mental health while profoundly and drastically shifting our perspectives.

Self Love is:

  • Divine connection to our ultimate energy source
  • Pathways to abundance and joy
  • Kindness and Unconditional Love for the world
  • Gratitude for existence and acceptance

Here at not only are we committed to supporting you in your Self-Love journey but we are fervently committed to our own. The concepts, tools, and exercises we provide are ones that I and my team use as well. They have helped us immensely and I wish to share them with you all.

Transforming our mindset is far from simple but worth every ounce of your energy! We all want to be happy. We all want to meet our emotions with a helping hand. It can be hard walking the path alone. I can’t walk this journey for you but I can do everything in my power to help as long as you support us too. Realizing we are worthy of loving ourselves and accepting our deepest desires in life is some magical stuff Babes. You can truly be anything you want to be in this world.

These dreams can only become reality through building momentum in the form of time spent and daily mental effort. Time to train that monkey mind. If you were an olympic athlete you would have to train, learn and acquire new skills. Same here honey. Collectively we will go on this beautiful journey of expansion, elevation and growth.

Committing to this new way of life is the 1st step and I applaud the hell out of you girl!

You are brave
and courageous
and fearless
and a total badass.

I hope this message is the catalyst, the cosmic jolt, the boom, that propels you towards a happier and healthier you.

Tips for self-love beginning:

  • Choosing yourself
  • Allow for feelings
  • No more guilt
  • No more shame
  • Affirm your deservency of love
  • Just start

Continue to join us as we begin this transition and transformation as we delve deep and begin to reframe our understanding of energy, money, ourselves, and our relationships to others.

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