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Six Tips To Grow Your Brand Online

September 16, 2022

By alexaphelece

I often get asked: “How did you grow your brand online, Alexa?” I did it by creating consistent content and being authentic to who I am. Think of yourself as a brand. What do you like most about the brands you associate with the most? 

Here’s a little fun fact about me: 

Did you know that I have helped manage successful Social Media profiles and platforms for businesses, brands, and professionals?! That's right, I took my own personal experience with Social Media Marketing and turned it into a successful business for myself. Again never losing sight of one of the most important aspects…. AUTHENTICITY!!!! 

I have personally been able to use Social Media as the ultimate marketing tool to promote myself in my modeling services and now I am offering content packages to others, however only if it aligns with who I am. If it wasn’t for Social Media, I don’t think I would have been able to be as successful as I am. With my team, I help individuals and businesses create relevant and consistent creative marketing plans. 

However, I can’t talk about Social Media without talking about modeling because Social Media introduced me to modeling! Let’s be honest, so many Supermodels, Self-starters, Dreamers, and Business Owners fast-tracked their careers by creating their own massive audiences online. In this article, we will go over how being authentic to yourself is an important role of Social Media Marketing and how it can help or hurt your career. No matter how big the business, authentic content creation is the key to growth and reaching your goals.  

Here are 6 tips to grow your brand with an authentic presence online: 

  1. Being true- Know your business and be true to its identity. This builds trust and authenticity with your audience. I suggest always being true to your business or brand’s character regardless of outside influences like other creators, businesses, family, your job, etc. Check out my article “How to understand yourself through Awareness”. It's full of information regarding how you can define being your truest self!
  1. Be an OG- Do what is original to you even if it feels weird. It is one thing to be “inspired” by someone else’s content and another to copy it. No copies here! Just pure authentic individual expression, creativity, and some good ol’ fashion fun baby! Content is meant to be creative. 
  1. Feedback helps- If others consider you trustworthy you're probably being authentic to yourself. Ask your fans, friends, and clients for their thoughts on your presence online. What are you promoting and sharing on a consistent basis? Can your audience expect that from you consistently? 
  1. Be Unapologetically yourself- Stand firm in your beliefs, true thoughts, needs, and desires. Do not allow the opinions of others to sway your own. You are an individual and as long as you are being tactful and mindful of others’ beliefs and practices, there is no need to apologize or shy away from your own. Trolls will troll and bullies will bully. Send them positivity and good vibes lol 
  1. Live honestly- While pursuing your own unique path  it's ok to fail on this journey. Make mistakes, and be unsure, vulnerability is not something to shy away from. It is real and it is relatable. Do not be afraid to share it with your audience.
  1.  Check your credibility. Only share what you know. Be educated on what you are sharing. 

We all want to grow, yet sometimes we forget our own progress ,especially when it comes to Social Media and making comparisons with the achievements and journeys of others.  No matter how small or big we must celebrate and recognize our own achievements. When online, we are bombarded with achievements constantly.  

Remember my friends that comparing yourself to these images and content is not healthy nor is it realistic. Everyone experiences growth and abundance in different ways. Not everyone has the same access to tools, advantages, or experience. As always, give yourself so much grace and kindness when tackling the world of Social Media or trying to build your presence online. Whether it be for personal use or for your career or business. 

For more tips and advice on authenticity subscribe to my mailing list, if you haven’t already!  Also, take a look at my Modeling 101 Guidebook. There is a chapter from the book that shares more about how to be successful using social media! 

XX, Alexa 

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