10 Ways To Feel Confident In A Swimsuit

August 26, 2022

By alexaphelece

Have you ever asked yourself the following: “Why is it that I don’t feel confident in a swimsuit?”

It could be because you don’t have the right swimsuit baby! Or perhaps and most often than not, it’s just negative self-talk…

You see…Trauma, stress and shitty life events, such as neglect, depression, rape or even grief can negatively impact our self-confidence and the image we hold of ourselves. Certain aspects of your personality can also play a role in low self-esteem or self-confidence, words which I use interchangeably throughout this article. All these things contribute to how we talk to ourselves especially during moments of vulnerability such as sporting a swimsuit in public.

Feel more Confident in a Swimsuit with these tips.

Below I share 10 practices you can put to use starting today, to boost your self-confidence! I lean on these tips when I feel disconnected, lost, weak or insecure. Remember ladies that actively reframing our thoughts in the moment allows us to move through heavy and uncomfortable emotions, feelings, and thoughts. You are in control here! Rebalance and reflect on your insecurities as you move through them and apply the following tips.

Stand Tall – Stretch out that neck and stand like the queen you are and be more confident in a swimsuit! Embody the posture of a supermodel – owning the runway. Whether you are at the beach, a park, a pool, or wherever, walk in with your head held high. Take up space and stand tall because you deserve to be there.

Stand Up for Yourself and Use Your Voice – Yes, people can be cruel and so can we. We are not perfect but we can use our voices for good. Verbally state your boundaries and follow through with what works for you. Your body is yours and you decide what to wear. You are doing you, that’s all that matters. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when someone is offended by you doing so. As long as you do it with tact, it is not your job to explain yourself and your boundaries/decisions to someone else.

You have this One Life, Live it to the fullest!

Think about Future You – Sometimes in the midst of heavy emotions, we lose our ability to think about the bigger picture or visualize our future selves. Our emotions and feelings can shift our balance within our brains. The ability to make the best choices for ourselves can be lost. When this starts to happen, think about what you want for future you – especially during moments of intense emotions. Long term, I bet you want to be yourself and rock your body no matter what you like or how old you are!! Am I wrong?! Consider how you would like this emotion or feeling about yourself to be resolved long term, then make your choice. Like a 2 piece or 1 piece? Both swimmies are great. LOL

Get Things Done- Confidence loves a little accomplishment. Making a little bit of progress is the best way to keep empowering yourself to be the best version of yourself to feel confident in a swimsuit. You can feel confident by getting things done that lead to your healthy progression. It feels so good to see ourselves progress and accomplish goals. If your goal is to wear a bikini in public or enjoy more outdoor experiences, do it, get it done. You got this!

Do it anyway- Maybe feeling good in your body is impossible for you right now. Do it anyway! Wear a bikini and enjoy being outdoors. Sometimes we have to do things we are not comfortable with because we know its best. This is that moment.
Nature Is The Best Filter is Natural

DO NOT Compare Yourself to Others– You are the only person you should be comparing yourself to. If you were raised with Victoria Secret Fashion Shows then you understand the power of brands and imagery. There is a temptation to compare ourselves to photoshopped images and photo filters. Please do not compare your beauty to another person’s beauty! Everybody is beautiful in their own way.
Believe in Yourself!- It’s not necessary for your success but why not! Believing in your uniqueness is a big confidence boost. You are the creator of your own world, believe that!
Take Care of Yourself– We feel confidence when we take care of ourselves. It is possible to feel disconnected or unloving towards your body if you don’t often care for it. Duh! A little TLC can go a long way. Your mind and body need your attention and discipline. It’s your greatest responsibility to care for yourself and the things that bring you joy, like our swimwear. LOL
Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Love Yourself No Matter What!– Yeah so, you don’t like what your body looks like. It isn’t exactly as you would like. So what?! You are not a barbie doll that is made by the hands of a toy maker. You are a special, unique being, in a big and wonderful universe. Love yourself and your body no matter how you feel about it!
Wear TA3– You won’t regret it! I heard about TA3 a few years ago as a model in Los Angeles. They booked me for a photoshoot and some fittings. I fell in love instantly! If you find supportive and fitted clothing comfortable, TA3 sculpting swimwear is for you. They have a tight fit and snatch waist feel that I love. This swimsuit made me feel so confident many times over and it even doubles as a great bodysuit! All in all 10/10

It’s safe to say that every person, whether 9, 19, or 90, at some point feels like they will not be accepted. Know that in those moments of fear and discomfort there is an opportunity to grow.
Imagine the freedom you unleash with self-confidence.

It can be so easy to judge ourselves by how we look. It’s programmed into our brains and it’s our job to retrain our eyes to see the beauty inside and out.
There are still days I feel so ugly I can’t bear to exist. I get it. This is a lifelong practice. Here is an article on how I “Unlocked My Inner Confidence”.

So give yourself so much grace and go out there! However feels most comfortable to you, maybe it’s not in a swimsuit just yet and that’s ok as long as you feel happy, confident, and are kind to yourself.

Put our tips to use and if you are ready to embrace all of your beautiful self, putting on that swimsuit, I want to see it! Send me a personal swim selfie in my inbox and I will send you one back!
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XX, Alexa

Photos:  Stos Photography

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