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5 Tips To Master Your Self-Love Journey.

November 28, 2022

By alexaphelece

Seasons Greeting Babes! May your Holidays be filled with much love, community, and lets not forget that Self-Love baby! Just in case you’ve been struggling with making time for yourself during this time of the year… let me help you out today. I want to slow things down with these 5 tips to master your self-love journey during the holidays. 

Let’s take a deep breath together and go over our morning routines. That’s right! We are going to look at our current morning routines to reflect and acknowledge how we use this important time of the day and how it affects the self-love we show ourselves.  

Taking care of yourself allows you to serve others.

Managing mental health and maintaining emotional balance is something that us humans have to consciously do every single day! Feeling good throughout your day could be as simple as making your morning routine a priority if it is not already. All of our lives are meaningful and we all have a purpose. It is up to us to wake up every morning to pursue the fullest expression of that purpose. Personally, having a morning routine allows me to stay strong in my life’s purpose and keeps me from falling into the trap of negative thoughts that arise. A morning routine might seem impossible if you’re a busy mom, wife, or entrepreneur but it is also key to setting ourselves up for success!  One hour in the morning dedicated to connecting to yourself and giving yourself love, could be the difference between a beautiful and fulfilling day versus a day that feels like it will never end.

Every morning before your feet hit the floor, I want you to lay in bed and consciously be aware of your breath and the fact that your body is alive, that your spirit gets another day to express its truest self!  This is a gift that cannot be taken lightly. How often do we allow ourselves to fall victim to our own task list, business needs, or those of our families and friends? I believe that those who avoid their morning routine also struggle with getting in touch with the deepest parts of themselves. If you do not have a morning routine or struggle with sticking to one, this blog was meant for you. 

5 tips to master your morning routine

Here are some simple activities that I highly suggest that you begin implementing at the beginning of your day… EVERYDAY, especially now during the Holidays!

  1. Get up an hour earlier (if that means going to bed earlier make it a priority)

-The best time to connect with yourself is early in the morning before the world demands your energy and attention

  1. After turning off your alarm, sit in bed and listen to your body’s natural breath

-Take a moment to recognize it and appreciate it for it is a gift. Tap into a feeling of gratitude for your breath and slowly sit up. 

  1. Before you jump out of bed, become conscious of what it takes and feels like to put your feet on the floor. 

-Wiggle your toes and be grateful that you have a body that will take you places today. Now consciously set those babies down on the floor!

  1. Grab a journal or piece of paper and write down everything that is on your mind. 

-Any worries, problems, or thoughts from the day before should be written down and released during this time. (New to journaling or need some prompts to help the words flow? Download my self-love journal!)

  1. When you’re brushing your teeth and washing your face, look in the mirror and feed yourself kind and loving words. 

-For those 1-2 minutes look yourself in the eyes in that mirror and feed yourself all the kindness and love you deserve, choosing happiness and your purpose is not easy. This is YOUR moment before you rush off to start your day to fill yourself up with the love and confidence you need! 

Slay Your Self-Love!

Apply these five things to your mornings and watch the changes start! Let’s be masters of our destinies and make a choice every morning, no matter how hard life might get, to choose happiness by starting our day with so much self-love and self-care. Don’t forget to go download my free self- love journal and print it out!!!!! Use it, apply it, do it now!!!! It has great journaling prompts for you 1st time” journalers” or for when you don’t feel inspired to write. Let me help you put that pen to the page. Till next time Babes! May your mornings be a beautiful time of peace and self-love.

Have you taken the Self-Love Challenge? Click HERE to get the FREE 5-day program.



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