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5 Holiday Self-Love Practices

November 14, 2022

By alexaphelece

Answer this for me Babes… during this time of giving what are you doing to give back to yourself? How are you replenishing and filling up your cup as you tackle family, friends, coworkers, and all that the Holidays bring to our doorstep? Here are 5 Holiday Self Love Practices for your mental well being.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within that you have built against it.”Rumi 

Whether it’s to attend family events or buy extravagant gifts for others, more often than not we find ourselves appeasing others during this time of year more than any other. I’m here to remind you, and give you permission to uphold your boundaries while you give and care for others throughout the Holidays. 

When You Love Yourself, Your Love For Others Deepens.

The Holidays are filled with love and kindness but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. We may fixate on the negative or the things we lack instead of everything we do have. We end up comparing ourselves and our achievements to those of our peers or measure our success through the lens of our family and society’s expectations of us. Sometimes we build barriers energetically and psychically that get in the way of our ability to receive love, all the while giving away our power and energy to everyone else for the sake of giving because, “tis the season”, after-all. 

We have been told it is all about giving. But giving only feels good when we are also giving to ourselves. We can not give from an empty cup. This is where self-love and mindfulness tools come in to play in helping us survive the Holidays. Let us avoid the holiday blues by utilizing the following tools to foster more self-love into our lives during such a busy and overwhelming time of the year. 

How to survive the holidays with Self-Love

  1. Practice Daily Affirmations. 

-before you even roll out of bed in the morning you should be greeting yourself with so much love, abundance, and positivity. It sets the tone for the day ahead and helps you start anew after a previously hard or hectic day.

  1.  Do Something Creative! 

-whether it’s singing, baking some bread (my personal fave!), or some living room dancing, do something that is purely creative and just for you. Taking the time to block out space for creativity aids the production of dopamine (“the feel good hormone”) and is just plain fun! LOL Who doesn’t want to include a little fun in their day for themselves?!

  1.  Journal

-journaling is such a tried and true way to relieve stress, set goals, and practice manifestation. I personally enjoy journaling as part of my daily morning routine but anytime of day is good as long as you do it! 

  1. Stretch/ Meditate 

-being present within your body is so important and even more so as you run around this Holiday season doing all the things! Take the time to slow it down and check in with your body. Stop and take those deep, slow, delicious breaths that help bring the focus back internally.

  1. Uphold Your Boundaries 

-There will be times throughout this Holiday season when your patience, limits, and yes your boundaries are tested. When you find this to be true take a pause. What about the situation is triggering you? Identify the trigger and state your boundary from a place of love and kindness. It’s ok to tell Grandma that you don’t want to partake in talking about the neighbors down the way or to let your Uncle Jim know that your Holiday outfit choice won’t be the source of entertainment for the evening! 

Self-love is healthy and kind to all.

Holiday Self Love Practices are the holiday gift that keeps on giving.  It’s neither selfish, nor self-indulgent, and is neither egotism, or narcissism. Self-love is a fundamental need especially during the holidays. So turn your energy inward Babes and take that moment to pause and self-reflect because self-love is not selfish but self-transforming. It can be tempting during the holidays to avoid difficult life situations or responsibilities  but go forth feeling self-assured that you have all the tools you need to tackle whatever this Holiday Season throws at you. Let me know how else you are applying self-love this season in the comments below!

XX Alexa 

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