Are You Looking For Self-Love Resources?

December 19, 2022

By Alexa Phelece

Here’s how my own search resulted in founding Every BODY Deserves Love.

Can you believe it’s almost the start of a brand spanking New Year! Time really does fly by! I hope that this Holiday season has brought you so much joy and love Babes. Yet, I wanted to check- in and remind you that the most important love of all comes from within. All the gift giving and words of praise in the world can not make up for a lack of self-love. Trust me I know from first hand experience. Give yourself the gift of Self Love Resources.

I and only I could provide the love and acceptance I so desperately yearned for.

As some of you might already know, not so long ago I was suffering and attacking my self-image and body. I had given into all the negative self-talk and false programs and stories running through my mind, that I had told myself about myself. It was not pretty, but out of so much doubt and self loathing came something so beautiful and necessary… I was forced to face the cold hard fact that I and only I could provide the love and acceptance I so desperately yearned for. No matter the success in my career, the money I was making, or the new people and friendships that entered my life, only I was going to lift myself up everyday and choose love. 

Take the time to connect to your true source of love.

I’m here to not only share my experiences with you all but to inspire you to also reconnect with yourself. I know that it’s tempting, especially now during the Holidays, to not invest in your relationship with yourself and just settle for what others are willing to give you. But, that is doing yourself a great disservice. Take the time to connect to your true source of love by reconnecting with yourself. Commit to that morning routine, take that time to journal, get outside and move that body! I can’t stress enough how beautiful your relationship with yourself can be if you only take the time to nurture it. If you’re new to this self-love journey, consider joining our community of self-love warriors at for support, resources, and more!

My body felt wrong, my attitude, my behaviors, everything was just not right.

Did you know that through my own personal struggles with self-love that my idea for the nonprofit Every Body Deserves Love was born?! That’s right Babes, I was tired of looking for love and acceptance outside of myself. Due to a lack of knowledge in recognizing that you will find those qualities within, I unconsciously seeked approval from those around me. I seeked approval in my family, work environments, friendships and other social circles. Hitting rock bottom and having a deep feeling disliking of myself and others forced me to discover this. I knew something was wrong because it felt like everything in my life was wrong. My body felt wrong, my attitude, my behaviors, everything was just not right. When I started modeling I realized that the thing I hated the most “my body” was actually not the problem. It was my desire to be liked by others that was holding me back from feeling unconditionally lovable. 

Resources found at the Body Love Club

As a model, I am now getting paid for my appearance. It made me realize that my problems were with my own mental health and self-image. The lack of love was not because of others but because of my inability to tap into my true source of unlimited high vibrational energy – self- love. This is why I created EBDL (Every Body Deserves Love) and the Body Love Club program

I created  a community filled with resources and tools to empower others to take that important step towards self-love. EBDL’s mission is to empower humanity to love themselves and take responsibility for their own well being. We as an organization provide this through the provision of accessible wellness programs and events. The organization envisions a world where resources for higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and mental health services are inclusive for everybody! I invite you to join in our mission by choosing yourself this Holiday season and every season! Need more guidance or support? We got you! Head on over to our Facebook Group and join us. In person community more your style? Then head on over to our website for an updated list of events and volunteer opportunities. We would love to assist your self-love journey and have you help us spread the word to EVERY BODY! 

Make this the year of Self-Love!

Let’s end this year acknowledging and supporting our self-love and mental health needs and start off this upcoming New Year with self-awareness, accountability, and so much freaking self-love!

XX Alexa

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