How To Battle Insecurities

December 12, 2022

By Alexa Phelece

My last couple blogs have emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself, while you try to do all the things around this time of year and beyond. Today we are going to be discuss how to battle insecurities with personal super power and how to recognize when you are giving it away.

My oh my… the Holidays sure are in full swing! It feels as soon as the week has started it has come to a close! Luckily I am able to battle insecurities with my morning routine practices in place, and a little extra self-care & self-love rituals added here and there, ya girl is surviving and I hope you are too!!! 

You see… we all have mental programs running behind the scenes of our being. There is a world within us that is controlling our feelings and behaviors which live past the surface of our conscious mind. Our unconscious programs exist without our knowledge of them and often act as resistances toward what we actually hope to create in our lives. These “under the surface programs” get in the way of how we want things to be and how we allow others to treat and affect us. 

How To Battle Insecurities With Your Personal Super Power!

For example, some of our unconscious thoughts could be telling us false or negative stories about ourselves such as,  “I am not worthy of my own happiness”, “I am not good enough to attract more money”, or ,“I do not deserve to be loved”. These thoughts do not truly or accurately represent us.  They are instead doubts, fears and insecurities. Any unconscious messaging that is running counter to what we really want will cause areas of our life to look differently than we would hope for ourselves. We have to get comfortable with the fact that our consciousness can hold two opposing positions simultaneously even without us knowing. One thought, or story, of who we are and what we feel might be much more available to us than another. 

Now that you are aware that this could be happening to you internally, you may be wondering how the hell do we identify these unconscious programs and start claiming our new narrative?! How to battle insecurities that are unconscious? The answer is pretty simple… We must ADMIT and ACKNOWLEDGE that even the things in life that we do not want are somehow our creation – consciously or unconsciously. Knowing and being aware of this gives us an opportunity to take our power back.

We have the power to create positive experiences

Even when life offers you sour lemons, make lemonade. We have the power to create positive or negative experiences in our life. Every experience is a chance to uncover those mental programs that are working against your heart’s desires. If all we have is a product of our own thought process, imagine how your ideal life is completely within your control! I’m not saying it is easy, but I am saying that with your own awareness, anything is possible. Take the time to discern the internal dialogue going on in your head, so you can better attain the experiences you would like in life. Otherwise, we become susceptible to the false stories, beliefs, and narratives about ourselves leading us to create more of the experiences we do not desire or want. 

Super Powers are backed by Wisdom

Let me share a recent personal experience for a better understanding of what I’m getting at. I recently attracted a new friend into my life, we will call her Sara. I came to realize that it was not the kind of friendship I deserved. She was not who she appeared to be. Our experience together made me face that I have unconscious mental programs, within my life, that have allowed me to cultivate friendships with people who are untrustworthy and it seems to be a habit of mine.

It is so easy to blame Sara for the person she is, instead of taking responsibility for not accepting or acknowledging that I was attracting this friendship by not confronting my unconscious program (or false belief). It’s not a matter of luck or bad luck,  it’s a matter of consciousness. I unconsciously attracted her energy into my life where she could be in a position to take advantage of me and my other friendships. I must have a program running that makes me believe on some level that I am not deserving of friendships that match my energy. Instead I settle for the potential I see in someone not who they really are. This tells me more about myself than it does about the other person. 

Wisdom comes when you find hidden blocks.

Thanks to my experience with Sara I now acknowledge this hidden block. Anytime I have exchanges with someone whom I may consider to want to get to know more and consider them a friend, I will make sure to draw from my previous experience. I will use the wisdom of consciously knowing my block in this particular area of my life. I see and acknowledge my habit and now it is my job to release it! It’s your job to begin to identify the programs and blockages you have going on in the “background” in order to release them as well. 

Apply this knowledge and watch your world take a brighter course… Remember to give yourself so much grace and patience as you tackle this new perspective. It will take time to not only identify your blockages and programs. It will also take a lot of time and effort to accept that they are there too. 

Please share this article with someone you feel or see struggling with embracing and admitting that they have the ultimate power to dictate how they want their lives to be. We are not just victims to circumstance or at the mercy of destiny… we very much play an active role in what happens to us. So let’s truly choose ourselves and put these false beliefs, narratives, programs, and blockages aside in order to cultivate such beautifully rich and purposeful lives! 

XX Alexa 

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