January 4, 2023

By Alexa Phelece

Happy 2023 my lovely babes! May the start of the new year find you delving deep into your self love and self-care practices, routines, cultivation of abundance and LOADS OF CONFIDENCE! This is your year! Can you feel it? This is the year you make your dreams come true…

For those of you that have been following me throughout my journey this past year, you already know where this conversation is headed, and for those of you that are reading along for the first time, I’m talking about confidence, baby! lol That’s the secret sauce to making your dreams a reality, having confidence in yourself, your skill set, and your capabilities! What good is setting goals if you don’t have the confidence to move forward and achieve those goals?!

If you read my recent article on Goals, then hopefully you downloaded my goalsetting worksheet. It’s a great outline for getting clear on your goals specifically for those of us that are content creators. If content creation isn’t really your thing, my goal-setting worksheet is still a great outline for getting clear and organizing the goals that you want to focus on for this new year. Like I just mentioned, you can be clear on your goals, but you need that confidence to execute them.

I’m here to tell you that confidence is the ultimate game changer.

Not so long ago, I myself lacked the confidence to go after the career, friendships and life I truly desired for myself. I suffered from low self-esteem and doubt. Can you relate? How many times have you thought of a great idea or dreamed of attaining something for yourself but doubt got in the way of you even trying?! Well, no more of that. I’m here to tell you that confidence is the ultimate game changer. I am living proof! I am here to empower you by reminding you that you are more than capable to do anything you set your mind to! That won’t mean that it won’t be hard or that all your doubts and fears will be eliminated, but however, through confidence you will be able to face those doubts and fears and rise to any challenge that gets in your way.

And for those times when it’s extra hard, please remember that you are a part of this amazing community of bad ass babes! We are here to hold space for each other, to empower one another, and to relate to one another. I invite you to join my upcoming free mixer on January 13th so you can come out and meet and mingle with this very community! Register through the link provided below. Together let us enjoy a night of empowerment and you guessed it. Oh so much CONFIDENCE! for more confidence boosting practices, tips, and more check out my previous articles as well as my now available Modeling 101 course! Modeling 101 is jam packed with confidence, boosting practices, poses, and even more of that secret sauce, baby!

Looking forward for a year of abundance, growth, and all the confidence.

XX Alexa

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