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The Value of Community Events

November 10, 2022

By alexaphelece

Hello Babes and Happy November! 

This week on the blog I wanted to share a mini interview I did with my resident writer, team member, and friend Andria. We sat down and had a chat about last month’s mixer and the value of community. We discussed what it was like hosting the event, the value we felt it brought to the community, and what would be in the upcoming mixer! That’s right! Save the date now and join us November 18th to be a part of all of the fun!

Now let’s jump into the interview.

Andria: Hey Alexa! Thanks for sitting down with me today so we can chat and share with your readers about your last mixer!

Alexa: Absolutely Andria! Thanks for making the time and coming out to the event yourself. 

Andria: It was such a blast! It was wonderful to get to meet so many wonderful creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers who came together in such a lovely and welcoming space at the Plus Bus. It was a great night filled with laughter, acceptance, and networking. I can’t wait for this month’s mixer! That being said, let me ask you… So Why a mixer?!

Alexa: Great question! Well… I kept receiving dm’s from fellow creative individuals who were looking for more education about breaking into the industry or creating better and more entertaining content. There is a great need for more human connection in the community that had been developed through my online presence. By uniting those needs and it resulted in the mixer event!

Andria: That’s so awesome! I definitely have seen and felt the need myself, especially coming from the hardships of isolation during the pandemic, for connection. As well as a very large need for creative outlets. 

The Value of Community

Alexa: Exactly! The pandemic took a toll on everyone for sure, but creatives had an unique set of obstacles when it came to self expression, finding work, and being apart physically from other creatives. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of such an open and loving community online that is willing to come together physically to inspire others to do the same! Mixers like this help promote the value of community.

Andria: Yes it truly is something really special Alexa. What was also special was some of the advice you gave at your event as well as sharing your upcoming Modeling 101 book and program! 

Alexa: hahaha thank you! Yes it was great to share what I have learned in this industry thus far with others as well as promote my Modeling course and book. It is chalk full of information you won’t find on google when searching, “How to Become a Model”. This info was gathered from my own experience of being self represented and my experience of being represented by an agency as well. I share my experiences from both sides of the spectrum so Models and Creators are educated and can decide how they want to proceed with their business.

Andria: That is fantastic and a must have resource for sure! What better way to learn about the Modeling world but from an established Model herself!? I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. 

Alexa: You won’t be disappointed! And on top of it being a book the program includes a private Facebook group to have more in depth discussions with me about all things in the industry!

Our Next Community Mixer

Andria: Excellent! I can’t wait for the launch! I also can’t wait for this month’s mixer! Can you tell our readers a little bit about what to expect at this month’s event?

Alexa: Of course I can! This month’s mixer will be held at the beautiful KP Makeup Studio in the city of Bellflower, California from 7-11p.m. I can see that people are interested in tips and tools when it comes to taking photos and when it comes to creating beautiful content. At this next mixer, I will be hosting a posing lesson and there will also be a live make-up tutorial. All are welcome to RSVP while spots are still open! It is free and snacks and beverages will also be provided along with a raffle for those who bring their business cards in order to enter!

Andria: Count me in! I am excited to learn some of your go-to poses and get my glam on as well! Lol Again Alexa thank you so much for taking the time and sharing about your awesome event and what’s to come. I can’t wait to experience your Modeling 101 course and will be pre-ordering my copy of your book asap!

Join Us At KP Makeup Studio

Alexa: Thanks for your support and all the love Andria! I am looking forward to the long awaited launch of Modeling 101 as well and can’t wait to see all the amazing aspiring Models that are going to kill it in the Fashion game after taking my program. Catch you and all the beautiful peeps November 18th at KP Makeup Studios!!!

XX Alexa

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