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Combat Self-Hate With Confidence

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Let me bless you with some fun facts I acquired from Cal State Fullerton’s Psychology Department. You can combat the self-hate thoughts in your brain. Every human brain has mental programs running within their unconscious mind, that whisper or scream thoughts or ideas of self-hate that are completely contrary to how they truly see ourselves.
Ladies, it’s time to reframe the way we view ourselves and our power! Such thoughts and ideas can sound like, “I am not good enough”, “I am not smart enough”, or the very common, “I am not pretty enough”. The one that doesn’t pay rent in my mind is “You will never be truly loved.” As I have stated before and will a thousand times more…


If you have a brain, you are susceptible to programming – consciously or unconsciously. Just like me, you also have mental programs going as well. Some of those support you and some cause you pain like, “ I am not deserving of abundance”, or “ I do not deserve to be wealthy”. Silly right? Even though you know in your heart these programs are NOT true.
At one point I would not consciously admit to resonating with these programs. They are the opposite of how I feel about and view myself. I would say, “I love myself”. Awareness only came when I slowed down. I meditated, then I saw my truth. I became aware of these unconscious messages and even though they are opposite of how I feel about and view myself I had to ask myself, why have these thoughts? These thought whispers are all happening on a subconscious level.

You see, it is possible for us to have two contrary positions or sets of beliefs about ourselves at the same time. I know it’s confusing, difficult to grasp, and it’s downright silly sometimes but we are all capable of being our own haters! Yet it is true, not always easy to become aware of. It is important for us to become clear on these programs that are going on and that are ultimately stopping us from achieving our dreams. There are many methods for exposing harmful programming. I had many programs that held me back from pursuing my modeling dreams.
Inner work enables our souls to shine! Life is all about identifying limiting beliefs and programming. I was able to make those dreams a reality now that I’ve made space for my truest self. I want to tell you that you can do the same! I want to share not only the practices that will help you with reframing your mindset but PDF downloadable lessons that will help you unlock the badass babe that is within.

Your wildest dreams and your fullest potential can be realized. Most models became models because they knew someone who was a model and now you know me! That was a tongue twister of a sentence and true as can be. You might think that modeling is such a farfetched dream, or not for you but CONFIDENCE is for every BODY. If you’re like me, you may tell yourself that you could not possibly fit into that Fashion & Modeling world, but it’s not true. I am here to tell you that you are in fact possible to do this and sooo much more.
I have put together a modeling and confidence course that will reignite your belief in yourself. I struggled so much with accepting my own gifts and innate power. Let me show you the ways you can recapture them and make them into a reality. Let me guide you on this journey and path to achieving an ultimate dream and goal. Ladies I have gone through it all, the self doubts, comparisons, lack of motivation… you name it! Yet I am here to tell you that facing every last one of those detrimental beliefs is worth it. You are worth it.

My Modeling 101 Course is jammed packed with so much useful and juicy information! I go into the history of Modeling, the different kinds of modeling, finding or wanting representation, unlocking your inner confidence, and so much more.

XOXO, Alexa 

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