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How I Became A Successful Model

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Hey There Superstar! Yeah, I’m talking to YOU!
I believe that every BODY can become a successful model and is capable of amble joy and success in their lives. You may not feel like you are on the right path in life but trust me… you are! We are meant to be here at this moment to learn how we can confidently walk in our own life’s runway. Most people do not think they have what it takes to pursue the careers they really want. A career that supports their life’s purpose and soul. The story of how I became a highly successful model is sure to inspire you to pursue what makes you happy. The principles are the same if you want to be a successful model or a confident CEO.

How I became a highly successful model
Not so long ago I did not see myself as the Superstar I am. I was unhappy and really unsure of the direction of my life. The things that brought me joy was just out of reach. I wanted to feel a deeper connection to helping others and create a life of meaning and purpose. Creating a lucrative career for myself was always a priority for me. I was unsure of what that would be, and I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. I began sharing these thoughts and feelings with those in my inner circle and found out I wasn’t alone.

After talking to others about this challenge I was facing, I discovered that becoming aware of my unhappiness was the first step to creating my own happiness. I had no idea that the direction of my life and career were about to change drastically. It wasn’t until I began embracing my physical body that formed the non-profit Every Body Deserves Love (EBDL). Part of the mission of EBDL is Self-Love. I began modeling privately as an expression of Self-Love.


I wasn’t confident enough to apply to agencies or take portfolio photos as I began my journey but I was confident enough to do this one POWERFUL thing; ASK questions! Doing a google search on modeling and asking the internet questions on how to be a successful plus-size model wasn’t too scary. This exposed me to a plethora of other curvy and fabulous models, entertainers, and clothing brands that I had never seen before. The information you need to build your confidence is out there, it all begins with asking those powerful questions.
Invest In Self-Love

When I first started modeling professionally it took me months to finally believe that I had what it takes to pursue this lucrative career. I spent a lifetime rehearsing the stories the world had written for me and none of these stories told a tale about me being a beautiful confident cover model. The investments I made in modeling courses, workshops, and training is what empowered me to believe in myself and what my modeling career would be like. There is room for every BODY in the fashion and modeling industry. Invest in the tools and paid courses other professionals have created to support you in whatever field you pursue. I paid for classes and workshops hosted by other models, influencers, business owners and agencies that gave me the juice I needed to launch my career.

Who would have thought that helping others and modeling would come together as they have for me. I have taken the lessons learned through my education and life experiences in the fashion industry in powerful courses for young people in our Every BODY Deserves Love family.

Let Self-Doubt EMPOWER You
I understand self-doubt and the role it can play keeping you from living your most beautiful life. Hesitation to take action when it comes to creating a career that makes you happy is understandable. As you see, I have been there. The fear in doubt is the same energy as excitement. Turn it around and let that energy EMPOWER YOU!

We can do this together ladies! Believe me when I tell you there is truly room in the Fashion Industry for us all. As always thank you for following me along on my continued journey, where I hope to inspire and motivate you to attain the life you desire through mindfulness, confidence, and self-love.

XX Alexa

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