Model Advice: Confidence Provides Opportunities

August 26, 2022

By alexaphelece

Welcome back mighty Boss babes! May this week find you owning your inherent strengths, talents, and unique journeys. Last time I signed off sharing, “5 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck”. I hope motivated you to go out there do the damn thing!

This week I’m sharing some insights from a fellow Model Babe: Charvelle! We got together for what will be a two part interview. She generously shares about how she began her modeling journey finding her confidence provides opportunities. She also shares some personal tips and experiences working within the Fashion Industry. Let’s dive right in shall we?!…

Advice for Aspiring Models from Models: Part 1 Charvelle

Alexa: How did you get your start in the Modeling world/ Fashion Industry?

Charvelle: I moved to Los Angeles, in 2013, with the intent of acting. Modeling never occurred to me as something I could actually do, outside of having fun with my friends. Thankfully a makeup artist came into my first job in Los Angeles. It was working at a shoe store in Hollywood. They told me: “Plus models are on the rise, you need to get on it, honey!”

I didn’t have anyone scout me or encourage me to start modeling but it happened just that fast. There was this pivotal moment in my mind where modeling actually felt possible. As a psychology fanatic, I understand that when our mind allows us to see something as a possibility, then it can be. My confidence in myself allowed me to see opportunities as they are presented. There may be a moment when you can envision yourself doing something you want to do. Allowing that vision to be all the permission you need to pursue it.

Perspective is Everything!

Alexa: I love how you manifested that for yourself simply by seeing and understanding the possibilities available to you. I preach and practice this ALL THE TIME! So aside from believing in yourself and just going for it, how else can someone prepare when pursuing Modeling?

Charvelle: I always tell people you need to be okay hearing “no” or getting rejected. Models are subjected to constant judgment and beauty is subjective at the end of the day… You may have been told you’re gorgeous your whole life, but someone casting you might not see it, and that’s okay. It’s a really fickle industry. Just because you get signed to an agency, it’s not enough of a reason to quit your job. Try to be yourself, and be friendly when you go out for jobs/castings. I don’t think we talk about the inner journey enough. You have to have a tough skin first and foremost, but I do believe there’s space for everyone who has an inner call to model. Remember confidence provides opportunities.

Alexa: Absolutely! Having tough skin is very necessary and that Self-Confidence baby! Any other advice you would like to give?

Charvelle: Keep it simple! Agencies and clients want to see what they can do with you, not so much you all dolled up in another brand or caked with makeup. Keep your digitals super clean faced, and even your test shoots and headshots should be very simple natural makeup. We are the blank canvas for them to dress and make up and if they can’t see what they’re working with then you’ve done yourself a disservice.

Alexa: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Come as you are ladies! Let them see YOU!

Well Babes there you have it! Tune in next time for part II of my interview with Charvelle where she talks about working with Agents & Agencies as well as sharing some more of her experiences.

From believing in yourself, harnessing the power of your mind, getting and being comfortable with the word “no”, to showcasing your uniqueness and not hiding from it; Charvelle had some great advice and insights to start off with as confidence provides opportunities. Though our starts in the industry were different, we shared the same principles and concepts that helped us along. We found the Self-Confidence to go after our dreams and you can too!

Your Self-Confidence Provides Opportunities

In the meantime, if you need a little confidence booster or more inspiration look no further than my Modeling 101 book. It’s jam-packed with advice, tips, resources, and an in-depth look at how I became a successful Model. Not to mention a brief history of Modeling itself and how it has evolved over time! You can also access my freebie “Ten Poses Every Body Should Know” by subscribing to my email list. Have your confidence shift from being mental to physical as you practice my poses and better learn how your body moves and looks in photographs.
As always thank you so much for your support and please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know if you enjoyed today’s article!

XX Alexa

Click here for Part 2

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