15 Steps For Fit Model Success!

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Greetings lovely Ladies! What I have here is the following 15 steps for Fit Model Success. It is the best source of information for those who want to know more about what it takes to live, breathe and work as a fit model. The fashion and modeling industry often keeps a closed mind and even more secrets. But today, I am spilling the beans and popping the lid off of the tips that will aid your modeling journey per usual!
In today’s blog, I wanted to talk and share about how you can become a successful fit model.
Procedures and guidelines for talent may vary from client to client. Successfully managing the model interview process is 50% of the work. In the steps below you will learn everything you need to know to feel confident and prepared for every model interview.

From this point forward, casting and interviews will be referred to as BOOKINGS. Bookings call for confidence and those high frequency vibrations we have discussed in previous blogs. In order to manifest every single desire we have in life, we are always calling on that self-love that we are cultivating every single day. It is no different when aiming for fit model success. Our first focus is turning this casting opportunity into a paid booking coming from this place of confidence and high frequency vibes.

Here are 15 steps to prepare you for fit model success in your bookings:

  • Plan to arrive at the booking a few minutes early.
  • Call the client or your agency if you are running late! But let’s be real. Please don’t be late.
  • Show up at your scheduled time.
  • Do your homework and research the brand in which you are meeting with and booking today.
  • Dress for the role.
  • Bring your basic modeling kit.
  • Expect to have your body measurements down from your toes to your head circumference.
  • Smell good.
  • Avoid oversized clothing.
  • Let the client know that you would be happy to turn the interview into a booking, you are prepared to work and bill for it.
  • Let the client know that a quick shot of you, showcasing how things fit, to the owner or designer would be a great idea!
  • Be accommodating but use your best judgment throughout the whole experience.
  • Limit how many garments you try on.
  • Be professional, yet personable.
  • Be confident, you are a superstar!

A HUGEEEE thing to know about babes, is that there is to be no pinning, no chalking, or photography allowed during an interview! Pinning or chalking means you are “fitting” and that means there is additional money to be involved. Set that boundary and feel confident that it is more than ok to speak up for yourself. Others will try to take advantage of you at times in this industry. Whether through peer pressure or manipulation, know what you are worth and simply state that your time is valuable.
Confidentiality is especially important!

All Castings/Interviews should remain strictly confidential especially if it’s from an agency. This is a policy that just can’t be broken. Designers HATE being bombarded with models that they did not specifically ask for. There are moments when to share and empower others to try, for example when it’s an open call, but if it’s not, shhhhhhhhhh. Please honey child, do not share any information with other Models, Actors, friends, family members, IG fans etc.
If you have a friend or another Model or Actor you feel would be a good candidate for a booking, please share it with the agency/client and then the agency/client can reach out if the shoe fits. Most people love referrals!
We love referrals too! If you know anyone else who would like to know more about how to be a successful print or fit model, please have them contact us immediately and subscribe to our blogs so they can snag my three freebies. Also, check out the Modeling 101 guidebook!

If this was helpful please email me this:

I, __your beautiful name here_ have read the above procedures and practices created by the beautiful and regal Alexa Phelece. LOL I fully understand the above outlined procedures and practices. I intend to use these tools as I take my confidence and career to the next level. I will continue to invest in myself and my superstardom!
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Well done honey, well done.
XX Alexa 

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