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Build Confidence In Photos With Classic Poses

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Here’s something you don’t see very often. A guide to build confidence.

Hi honeys. We have all been there. Be it at a wedding, out with friends, or maybe even for a work event. Someone breaks out a camera to get a photo to capture the time. My anxiety would spike as I stumble through, trying to act natural. Then I see the photo and my awkwardness shows through almost 10-fold! Uggh. Let’s build confidence with these handy poses.

Ever wondered how your friends can look so good in photos, and you are looking all weird and stuff? I have news for you darling. There are two things going on and I have just the guide to help you. First, we tend to be much more critical on ourselves than others and you may be translating that feeling in what you see. Second, you may need just a bit of confidence. Confidence can be built by learning something new. So let’s dig into that, shall we?

I have a free package that offers 10 poses that I believe every superstar, supermom or supermodel should know. Knowing these poses like the freckles on your face will make you feel more confident even before stepping in front of that pesky camera. Once you know these poses, you will slay every photo, every time.

Here are a few of my Confidence Building poses you can download all 10 for free HERE.

Tips on Hips 
Put your hands on your hips, throw your shoulders back and gently let the tips of your fingers touch your hips. Keep your hands relaxed. Stiff fingers look weird, relaxed fingers look elegant. Your face should match your hands, relaxed and calm.

Elbow Lean 
A great pose when there is something nearby like walls, chairs, and cars. Multiple angles help look great when you are relaxed and leaning on something. Your body is loose and hand hangs low, relaxed. (sensing a theme here)

The Twist 
Twist your body at the waist. This pose feels lifted as it creates movement and interest. A common pose in ancient statues. The renaissance artists called it Contrapposto or Counter Poise. Most of your weight will be on one foot. This gave the solid granite or marble a feeling of being alive.

The Sensual Pose 
Get those hands up, Honey! Hold your hands up around your head like you are in the shower. This pose lengthens your body, emphasizes your curves and works well for fit model body types.

I am sure you will brighten any photo with these four poses. I invite you to download our full guide and really dominate. Your confidence is sure to shine on. Now go be that supermom, model or star and work the camera like a boss!

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