What is Blocking Your Modeling Dreams?

August 25, 2022

By alexaphelece

Greetings babes and welcome back! May this week find you relaxed but focused, content and inspired to break through what is blocking your modeling dreams.

During the last couple weeks we dove into some of the more serious and technical parts of being a Model and Entrepreneur. I briefly overviewed my strategies for managing clients, invoicing, and keeping track of business expenses. This should help you with structuring your workflow and building up that bank account! This week I want to bring it back to our mindsets… how mindset affects reaching your goal of Modeling as a career, the blockages we might be facing, and the tools available to help overcome them.
As I have referenced earlier within various articles such as , “How I Became a Successful Model & Modeling 101: Confidence and Happiness, one of the common themes and topics I touch on is, you guessed it, CONFIDENCE! In order to bring your dreams to life we remove fear and doubt from our minds and get clear on our intentions.

Only YOU can Break The Blocks Of Your Modeling Dreams.

First, we must admit that we are in our own way. It can be all too easy to blame others for our lack of success but ultimately we have control over ourselves. Acknowledging what is blocking us from reaching our dreams is a great first step. Do you lack perspective? Is your belief system supportive? Perhaps you don’t feel confident in your body or need some help when it comes to posing? First step is to get clear on what we want and what fears or doubts we have that are blocking us from making it happen. Take a moment to participate in this reflection activity. You can also use the comment section of this blog.
I dream to…..

What do I want…..

What am I afraid of…..

I do not believe I am capable of …..

Take some time to contemplate and either journal or meditate to get some clarity. Check out my “Self-Love Empowers the Way We Think” blog if you need some more self-kindness or self-love goodness during this reflection.
Reflect On What You Want

Next, let’s flip these to remove these mental blocks and build confidence. After this reflection you will notice a boost in confidence. Confidence will come from repeated practice. Like any skill you get good at, practice is one of the key ways to become quite good at what you do including the way we perceive ourselves. Whether you’re posing in front of a mirror, or trying out some of my “Top Poses To Know” freebies, the more you familiarize yourself with your body and its movements the more confident you will feel with its abilities. This is the same if you are an accountant or a Mom. By the 3rd baby, you will be a damn professional. They should pay you at that point because you will be so good!

I dream to…..

What do I want…..

I am not worried about………because I believe….

I do believe I am capable of ……..because I am…..

Now that you have cleared your doubts and expanded your perspective let’s continue to build on that confidence. When it comes to achieving any dream, nothing helps more than taking the time to do the research. If the fashion industry is for you, let’s get clear on what path you want to take to get there. Within the last decade, so much has changed in our worlds. When I first started out modeling I looked to Social Media. This is where I found companies I admired and aspired to work with. I began reaching out to brands that I found to be inclusive and represented my body in an empowering way.
As I began to have dialogues with these businesses and brands, I invested more time on my education of the industry. This education removed many of my fears and doubts because the knowledge gave me confidence. I also enrolled in courses to further my knowledge and understanding. I highly suggest that if anything is holding you back from pursuing a career in Modeling, you want to grab a copy of my e-book Modeling 101.
So to sum it all up, it is absolutely normal to feel a sense of doubt about our capabilities when pursuing something new. The thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. With a mentor like me, free downloads to practice, and education, you can build that confidence and achieve anything. Reach for the stars my loves. They are closer than you think!
Please share this article with anyone you feel needs a little motivation to become more self-aware and remove their mental blockages. I encourage you to please share your thoughts and comments below.
Was today’s article helpful? If so, what in particular? What would you like to see more of? My team and I appreciate your feedback.

Till next time Babes!


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